About Span Floors

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Biggest Collection of Designer Wood Floorings & Facades

Our love with wood floors started in the year 2000. Since the beginning we had a passion to bring only the best, both in terms of design as well as quality. This may sound ‘cliched’ but a look at our products and you would agree. Since 2010, looking at the market demands, we have added some awesome wood facades (cladding), decking and pergola to our collection too!


Over 150 designs to choose from


Both in terms of design as well as quality


Because customer’s satisfaction is our earning

Design & Durability

These two words define the brand ‘Span Floors’.
We believe that when customers choose to install our designer floors, claddings and deckings, they should be satisfied with that choice for years to come. That is why we put a lot of our energy in researching & knowing ‘wood’ and the various ways it can be crafted into beautiful, healthy, sustainable and long lasting products! The next step is to ensure that all this knowledge is shared with our expert sales staff and the execution team so that they can help our customers in making the right choice. And last but not the least, our support team is always there during the entire life cycle of your floor should you ever need us.
Why Span Floors

Choose Span Floors, be satisfied for years

Simple word, tough to accomplish. We really have to work very hard to keep up to this promise. We continually update ourselves both in terms of product collections as well as technical knowledge. When a customer comes to us and shares their requirement, we want to be able to answer their question ‘What do you recommend?’ very accurately and honestly.

It means that we are very thorough in terms of our product knowledge as well as other technical details, as you would expect from a specialist professional. We are proud of our entire team be it sales, accounts, back-office or installation. Each person is required to have a good amount of product knowledge as well as a deep understanding of their personal role in the span floors team so as to be able to serve you in the most effective manner.



We are proud of our group. Each person brings to the team unique talents, abilities and view points. All to only one end – To provide with a floor that you will love!


How are various floor types installed ?

Most of our floors are laid floating meaning that they are not fixed to the subfloor. This system allows for natural movement of wood and keeps the flooring in good shape. Depending on your requirement, our technical team is well qualified to recommend the most appropriate solution suitable for your project.

How durable are your floors ?

All of our floors, be it laminate or real wood, come with long manufacturer warranties. With proper maintenance as per guidelines, you can enjoy your Span floor for years to come.

Are they easy to maintain ?

Yes. Just consult your Span floors representative & follow the suggested maintenance guidelines.