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At Span floors we love wood. And this love has translated into a deep understanding of this wonderful material. Residential Wood floors and Outdoor facade cladding and decking are our areas of speciality and we are very good at what we do.

Our whole business exists to fulfil your dream of a beautiful home. And a beautiful home starts with a beautiful building face and a beautiful floor. We understand that most homeowners will make a home once in a lifetime. Hence you deserve the best, both in terms of the product quality and service.

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Over the last 20 years, our floors have been a part of some of the most beautiful homes across the country done by top architects and designers. One thing is common though – Each home owner wanted to create the most beautiful home they could and for that they took help from the top specialists in each area.

Our projects

At Spanfloors, wood floors and facades is what we focus upon. That too mainly for high end homes. Rather than selling multiple products and being a Jack of all and a Master of None, we restrict ourselves to our passion – wood. You would be amazed to know how much there is to know and learn about this wonder of nature, wood, and how to craft and install it successfully into the finest wood floors, decks, facade cladding and Pergolas for the finest homes.
Our Founder, Satinder Chawla, believes firmly in the motto
“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right”

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Watch this 7 minute video and know the 4 most crucial aspects of a wood floor which any homeowner must know to make a successful purchase decision

Success Stories

“Span floors are the “Go To” guys with regards to wood floors and facades. They understand their subject well which in turn helps us achieve the design intent of the project in a professional and time bound manner. Definitely recommended!”

Puru Das

Lead Architect (Urbanist by Basix)

“Span floors is a professional in the field of wood flooring and facades. They work as a team understanding the project needs and are then able to deliver a quality solution in time. Highly recommended.”

Rachna Aggarwal

Architect (IAAD)

“I have been recommending Span floors to my clients since the last many years. They understand what is needed and deliver that every time. Quiet professional!”

Rajan Sood

Chief Architect (Sai Architects)

However doing right is easier said than done. Not only one has to look at the aesthetic part of the product, one also needs to evaluate how incorporating that product into your home will impact other crucial factors such as indoor air quality! E.g. Low quality chemicals in cheap wood floors can emit harmful gases into indoor air. This combined with emissions from other products within the house and the polluted outdoor air can lead to a bad situation.

You are building a home for yourself and your loved ones. And we are sure that you would not want such a situation in your home. At Spanfloors we take due care on the above in each of our wood floors. Our team will inform you accurately about what to expect from each product so that you could make a safe choice.

Wood flooring is in trend

Spanfloors has been extensively covered in media. Here is an interview conducted by Zee Business sometime back with our Founder Satinder Chawla

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Watch the Webinar ‘Healthy buildings and chemicals’ and know in detail about the chemicals lurking in cheap wooden floorings which can impact your and your loved one’s health.

In this webinar recording, you will find In-depth information about:

  • Current scene in exterior wood in a Indian market and the associated problems.
  • Solution to the above challenges and how Vulcan wood is the answer.
  • How international architects are creating beautiful, low maintenance wood facades.
  • Busting myths about wood sustainability.

Get Access to ‘Healthy buildings and chemicals’and know in detail about the chemicals lurking in cheap wooden floorings which can impact your and your loved one’s health.

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If you are building your home and would like to find out how we can help you with beautiful wood floors, decks, cladding, pergola our gates, you should definitely book a call to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales consultant.